Rent one of the best sound stages in Utah! Stop by for a tour

Stage A


Stage A

  • Our stage with Cove is 4225 Sq. Ft., 65’x65’x24’
  • Designed and engineered by top Hollywood sound stage engineers
  • Built to the highest Hollywood sound stage specifications
  • Massive Sound proof access door into sound stage 16’x16’
  • 10 Cyc lights already in place on grid
  • 650-amp tri-phase power box
  • 20-amp wall outlets
  • 20-amp ceiling outlets (connected to dimmer)
  • Dimmer panel for grid lights (24 channels)
  • Access to a scissor lift
Note: A $200 Stage Manager fee is required for each rental day. The Stage Manager will be on hand for all your needs.

You can paint the stage any color that you need for your production. You can paint the stage yourself or you can pay us to paint it for a fee of $350 (9-10 hour job, Paint not included, approx. 4300 Sq. Ft. of coverage needed; requires 20 gallons.) Note: If you scout the stage early we cannot guarantee it will be the same color when you shoot. Paint we recommend purchasing: 5 Gallon ‘BEHR Paint & Primer in One’ must be flat / matte.

Call for details: 801-374-9365

Stage B


50% discount on Stage B when also renting Stage A at the same time

Stage B

• Open Stages with Pre-Built sets
• Luxury Bathroom Set
• Living Room / Dining Room Set
• Versatile Set: Bedroom / Dining Room / Workout Room
• Bedroom Set / Front Door Entry
Note: A mandatory $200 Stage Manager fee is required for each rental day. The Stage Manager will be on hand for all your needs.

Restrictions: You cannot rebuild the structure of the sets or remove existing floor. Bathroom set remains the same. You are welcome to make any other changes, but any modifications need to be restored back to their original design when you are done filming. Excluding paint color.

You can paint the stages any color that you need for your project. You can either paint the stages yourself or you can pay us to paint for a fee of $200 for living room and $150 for each smaller room. Paint not included. Note: If you scout the stages early we cannot guarantee it will be the same color when you shoot.

Included Extras

When you rent either of our stages you have access to our 2 makeup rooms, green room, and our kitchen.
Call for details: 801-374-9365

Kitchen Rental - $500/day

Luxury Kitchen - Fully functional, 24ft ceilings. 
Grid bars for hanging lights in the back.
Overhead grid bar for hanging overhead camera. 
Skyscraper ladder for hanging lights and cameras. 
16 Furniture pads.

Focus Group Facilities - $400/half day, $750/full day

Our focus group facility includes 14 seats for participants, state of the art microphones and sound system, large HD monitor, built in HD camera for focus group recording, and a client viewing room behind one-way mirror with 14 seats. We have the Perception Analyzer Dial System which allows each focus group participant to use a dial to give you real-time results. Also perfect for table reads. With access to 14 dials you can get your results within seconds. This is a great way to get feedback on your commercials, documentaries, films, product or even a table read of a script.

Production Office Package - $2500 /week

16 total offices. This includes 4 fully furnished executive office and 12 deluxe production cubicles
Production break room with conference table and white boards
Highspeed internet 
Access to Kitchen and executive conference room

DaVinci Color Room Rental - $150/hr

Full set of DaVinci Resolve Coloring Panels for professional coloring.
Separate VideoTech Scopes for accurate color grading.
Professionally Calibrated Coloring Monitor (by LA technician) for perfect accuracy.
Movie Theater environment with Movie Theater seating.
50-inch Client monitor overhead.
High Powered Mac 20 core processor - 128 gigs of Ram.
2 - Red Rocket Cards—System can easily work with 4K files in real time.
DIT compatible—Red Mag, ARRI, SXS, etc.
Safety RAID Back up system for footage.
Can export to any format requested for Post work.

AVID Editing Suite (3 available) - $150/hr

Avid Nitris DX 
Mac Pro 12 core tower with SSD Drive - 64 gigs of Ram 
Large 30-inch Dual Apple monitors
Mackie Pro Sound system
8, 12, and 16 Terabyte drives for each project 
Digital Footage: Accepts most digital footage formats 
Comfortable room with client couch 
50-Inch Client monitor
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