Commercials and infomercials

We’ve produced hundreds of infomercials and commercials. We handle everything from concept to completion. We’ve won countless awards. We have a reputation as being the “best in the business”. This is mainly because we don’t do the “cheesy” infomercials and commercials that others do. We only do high-end, quality work.

Our team

We have the best team you could find anywhere. We have extremely talented professionals and artists. Some have decades of experience. The culture at our business is “the best or nothing”.

Our equipment

We use the same cameras and film equipment as you would find on the set of a one hundred million-dollar Hollywood movie. I’m not aware of any equipment that is better than what we have. If there was, we would certainly get it! We also have the nicest production studio in Utah. Other production companies come from all over the state to film their shows at our facility.


The talented professionals on our team are all movie makers at heart. We have scripts for 3 movies that we will be making over the next few years. Our goal is to produce Hollywood quality movies out of Utah.
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